Meet the Podcasters


Chrismal and Adam

Take a look at the men making the voices.

Adam Picture


Adam is the Canadian guy who is there to keep you informed on the most mundane subjects known to man. His specialty is Star Wars and that’s the easiest way to his heart. He’s the one with the dumb laugh.

Gerrick Picture


Gerrick is the man who wants a Black Panther movie just so he can steal the lead role. He is a level 5 paladin with the ability to channel his inner sassy.

Chrismal Picture

Chrismal (krish-mol)

The quiet and modest Chrismal may seem like he’s along for the ride, but he’s ready to take the reigns at any moment. He’ll correct anyone at the table on their comic book knowledge and is ready to back himself up. Fortunately for the listeners, he doesn’t have the best of filters.

Kpope Picture


Born in mystery, this drifter found a chair around the podcast table and dove headfirst into the discussion. He is the team’s uncontrollable wild card. Sometimes he doesn’t even know what he says, which for you means one hell of an entertaining hour.

Black Adam

Black Adam (Among other things)

You will often refer to him as Black Adam, My Name, Rich Homie Quan Chi, Greg, Gregg, Yeezy, and other things. He has a love for hip hop and was the first fan of Spoonfed Thoughts. He came on for an interview and never left, so here we are putting him on the website.